Passionate about health and wellness, Michelle has been creating intentional
beverages since her 20’s. Exploring different remedies from hot Chaga mushroom
based elixirs to cold-press juices, but it was the magic of “bubbles with benefits”
that kombucha has to offer that Michelle fell in love with. Suffering from gut
issues for most of her adult life, Michelle finally had the relief she was looking for
from kombucha, the elixir of life.

When she’s not brewing, or working on her business, you can find her in a yoga
studio with friends, hanging out a festivals or chilling at home with her family.

Our Story…

Wolseley Kombucha was founded in 2016 in a true artisanal way. Like many
homegrown businesses, it started in their home kitchen, in Wolseley. Wolseley
Kombucha is proud to be the first local kombucha company in Manitoba, the
heart of our country. Michelle’s mother-in-law taught her to brew her first batch
and it was love at first brew! She was hooked. Michelle, founder and brewmaster,
quickly started brewing bigger batches and playing with new flavours. As her
passion grew, so did the demand. In June 2017, they moved their home kitchen
brewery to a shared commercial kitchen in the Exchange District. From there,
they tested the local market in Winnipeg and grew the business to where it is

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A lot of love goes into each batch, and we believe that you should always

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